The launch of fluid sexuality

November 13, 2006

I have spent some time exploring other people’s experiences, understandings and musings of their own sexuality. I have spent most of my weekend reading Al’s Bi Journey blog. I have also been following Girl with a one track mind, for some time. As I have read these accounts I have been bold enough, well part bold enough as I with hold my identity, to start to write about the thoughts and feelings that I have in my own mind.

It feels like there is a hell of a lot on my mind. My sexuailty is only a part of who I am, well, should be. But for some time it has been a mental focus of mine as I dont truly know what my sexuality is. I am in the pub with my mates who make general homophobic comments. I exist in world that promotes male hetro-sexuality as not only the norm, but the right norm. Religion states that homosexuality or bi-sexuality is wrong. So many confusing statements that contrast with the passion that rages within me, a passion for both men and women. I have launched this website, specifically after being inspired by Al’s blog, in order to try and put my thoughts in to words, to enable me to understand who and what I am. It’s an exciting journey and a journey that I am proud to be on – so follow me.

3 Responses to “The launch of fluid sexuality”

  1. shewalksinbeauty Says:

    Welcome to our world. I often refer to this as my secret world. Where my mind can go free and I can discuss things so intimate I dare not touch these subjects with the people I care about the most. This is my alter ego and my true self all rolled in to one. I hope you don’t mind if I check in. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

  2. shewalksinbeauty – what a great name and thank you for welcoming me to your world! Your right, it is so liberating just to leave your thoughts somewhere, sharing them, understanding them, explaining them more for yourself than anyone else but it’s great when people comment. Then again, your my first comment. Please do continue to check in on me as I will on you!

  3. shewalksinbeauty Says:

    Wow! Your first comment! That rocks!
    I’ll add you to my blogroll.
    I have found that this is a great place to air your dirty laundry and get feedback, all kinds of feedback. I have also found that this is great place to meet new and interesting people.

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