What do you mean by fluid?

November 13, 2006

Dictionary defintion: “changing readily; shifting; not fixed, stable, or rigid: fluid movements.”

Think of a river. Think of a river pretty much like this one. One day the river runs ferociously towards the sea. The river is rapid. It is wild. It is uncontrolable. On this specific day the river runs for the salmon that jumps and flits in it’s waters. The river runs just for the salmon. Another day, the river is calm. It trickles. It’s relaxes before the sun. It stretches. It yawns. The river takes it’s time. The river allows the deer to lower it’s neck, to lap it’s tongue and to drink the from a source that will keep her from swelting in the heat of the day.

My sexuality follows the erratic river. One day my passion is fuelled for the male, conveying his strength, his arms wrapped around my like a castle. Secure. Another day my desire is for the female. This time I am her castle and her beauty and grace entrance me as I desire to please her, to serve her.

My sexuality is not focused towards one particular gender but is fuelled by character, by the mind. Of course I am a sexual being and that will be explored in this diary but I love the mind. I fall in love with a character. I go crazy over intellect.

This is what I mean by fluid.

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