Are we still living in the dark ages?

November 29, 2006

I was in the gym today staring at some hot guys, no seriously, I dont think I emphasised that enough, they were incredibly HOT! One hot guy started staring at me. I glanced in his direction and he was looking at me. I moved machines, he turned around to look at me. He moved machines, he turned around to look at me. He was hot. Nothing happened. I wondered whether he was watching because he was interested or he was watching because he couldnt believe the lack of weights that I could pull and kept looking back because he could’nt believe his eyes!! (I am not actually THAT bad!)

So, this got me thinking. I was thinking about the gym boys and wondered how many of them considered themselves ‘bi’ or secretly ‘bi’. I thought about the emo boys that live near me, some real hot characters, some lads who are very comfortable in hugging / holding blokes. I wondered how many of these guys considered themselves bisexual.

This got me thinking more.. *pause to see hot blonde lad on the running machine, about 24 with biceps bulging. I develop a serious errection and try to calm myself down. Back to thought process..* bisexuality is untalked about. Bisexuality is misunderstood and it is difficult for bisexuals to ‘come out’ because society does not know how to view them. In some sense it is easier for gay people to ‘come out’ because people understand ends of the spectrum: hot / cold, black / white – but people find it hard to understand people in the ‘middle’. My thought process continued along the lines of the fact that role models help people to become confident with who they are – when things become mainstream people feel more secure to share that they are exploring their sexuality too. However, who are the male bisexual role models? I dont know of anyone, do you?

Furthermore, perhaps this is just me thinking along these lines. I have met many camp gay guys, openly camp and this is cool but are there any normal bisexual guys ‘out there’ – school football players? Students at university? Is anyone out there ‘out’ as a bisexual? I would love to hear what you family and friends have to say.

It is so sad that there are people out there, just like me, males and females who are trying to understand their sexuality, trying to figure out who they are but they can’t, their exploration has to happen in silence because of the fear of society, the fear of comments by friends and family because bisexuality is misunderstood or not understood. Are we still living in the dark ages, in the Victorian era were no-one talked about sex between a male and female, it wasnt to be enjoyed, it was purely for the purposes of continuing the family line. Do bisexuals still have to remain living in the darkness and not enjoy who they really are.

3 Responses to “Are we still living in the dark ages?”

  1. BeardedWoof Says:

    As far as role models go, why not be a role model for male bisexuality yourself?

    I certainly am with my friends and family, as I’m out to them, and I know other male bisexuals.

    As far as celebrities go, there are tons of famous men that are bisexual.

  2. Scott Says:

    role models – yeah, I would be one, if I was out and I am working on that 😉

    Which famous men are bisexual? I have heard lots of rumours but who has stated that they are bisexual and this is accessible in print? I cant find anything!

  3. BeardedWoof Says:

    Wikipedia and have lists of men and women who are bisexual and famous.

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