Not all in Hollywood ends so well.

December 8, 2006

Firstly a huge thank you to all those who have e-mailed me to congratulate me on being brave enough to throw out ‘the challenge’. Thank you for your offers of dates too 🙂 . A number of people have mentioned how this challenge was of Hollywood proportions, some say even better. I have been thinking alot today about how not all Hollywood movies end so well. There are lots of questions in my mind: What if Al and I don’t get on? What if Al does not find me attractive? What if he did find me attractive, what then? What if I fell for a guy and knew that a relationship with him was out of the question? That would be the worst of all. Many good Hollywood films have unpredictable endings, they twist and turn and grab the audience by suprise. Both Al and I are audience’s of this movie too and personally I am damn scared about the ending one way or the other. I am trying not to think about it. We are just friends. That is it. (edit @ 18.23pm: No, that’s not it. I am falling for a guy and I am scared of falling deeper any deeper than where I am now.)

Moving on, as I attempt to try and forget about this little drama this weekend and lighten up this blog, just a tad. It was suggested to me by Mark from Defending the Raven that I wrote about which male and female celebrities I found attractive, Mark commented to this effect right here.  So, in keeping with the Hollywood film I will go for two males and two females who I particularly like.

I want you to remember, as you get to know me, that the biggest turn on for me is the mind, male or female. If a person’s mind can get me going with good conversation, no matter how they look, I could practically cum in my pants as we engage in debate and informative conversation – this does it for me. But there are other forms of the attractions of the mind, for me. Just remember that.

Two boys:

Ok, again, another lesson of the Fluid Sexuality variety. My passion, generally, for blokes is about strength – this could be both physical strength or strength of mind. I love them both.

Boy Number One: David Beckham

david-beckham-03_1_.jpg (Links to bigger picture)

I love a number of things about Beckham. I love the strength of his body. I love his style. I love the way he can have a million different hairstyles and each style suits him. I love Beckham’s business mind – he hasn’t become a global brand by being thick. I think he is amazing and I would do pretty much anything to jump in the sack with him!

Boy Number Two: Matt Damon

matt_damon_150e.jpg (Links to bigger picture)

I think Matt Damon is physically fit and that makes me go ‘wow’. I love Damon’s acting ability, it’s fantastic. However, I particularly love Damon in the film ‘Beautiful Mind’ (edit: @ 19.43 this film was actually ‘Good Will Hunting’ as pointed out by Al. My obsession with minds was clearly on my own mind!) Damon plays this really intelligent guy who initially is a school cleaner because he has no belief in himself. I love him in that role. I love his mind in that role! Oh my gosh, I think I am wet. I need to move on…

I have just realised, I love rugged faces on guy.

Two girls:

With girls it is very different, I love girly girls who have a strong mind. I love girls who I can hold in my arms, to wrap my arms around them, for me to be their strength. The two particular girls who make me go wild are:

Girl Number One: Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson(Links to bigger picture)

Ashlee is amazing. She is cute. She is hot. She is a fantastic actress… enough said!

Girl Number Two: Vanessa Mae

(Links to bigger picture)

For those of you who don’t know Mae, she is an incredibly talented violinist. She is sexy. She is steamy and she plays the violin incredibly. Music is a big thing for me and I love creative, musical minds. I would love to sit and talk to her for hours and the violin is just a turn on. I swear, if played right, I could reach orgasm just by the sound of the violin.

I have just realised, I love the softness of girls.

So, guys and girls, it’s over to you. Who are your hottest Hollywood celebrities?

4 Responses to “Not all in Hollywood ends so well.”

  1. shewalksinbeauty Says:

    Johnny Depp…since I was 12…he even looks good with eyeliner as a pirate.
    Monica Bellucci…a fave of the H, but you have to admit she is damn fine.
    David Draiman: Lead singer for Disturbed…I got hot just looking at him, he sports my favorite look. (give me a moment…)
    Cherlize Theron: Graceful, elegant, poised…what a Hollywood Queen should be.

  2. Al Says:

    Are you thinking of ‘Good Will Hunting’?

  3. Scott Says:

    Damn, your right Al. Good work.

  4. sugar007 Says:

    Hmm, my faves…I have so many but here goes some

    Colin Salmon (google him)- he is not quite hollywood but he does it for me.

    Johnny Borrell (razorlight) – not hollywood but he ooozes sex 🙂

    Gary Diourdon (CSI Las Vegas) – another minx

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