Back to hollywood

January 18, 2007

Some of you more regular readers to this blog may remember my ‘challenge’ to another british bi-blogger back before Christmas, you can read all about this challenge: A challenge & end of chapter. Al replied and said that he would be happy to go on a date with me. We had to prospone this date until after Christmas, we have been talking, e-mailing, texting and mostly flirting since then and this week I recieved the following poem in my inbox from Al.

I think,
I ponder.

I wonder.

Will I throw it away?
Will I screw it all up?
Will I lead it all to squander?

I won’t
I cannot.
Hell, with this life and the chances I’ve got?

For sure.
But strength, I have more.
The barriers must fall and courage must pour.

heed clear:
me and you:
we’ll make this happen and meet as two.

And I may screw up,
I may cause you pain,
I may be annoying,
I may be a strain.

I care,
so I’ll learn.
Try to be the man that you yearn.

And if I fail,
or it was never meant to be,
at least this way; at least we can see.

If it doesn’t go right,
or if something goes wrong,
I can fight back tears;
I can stay strong.

Whatever happens,
I’ll never regret
boarding that train.
Knowing we’d met.

You know,
I’m not without doubt.
But perhaps that’s what this is all about.

Maybe we’ll meet once,
then a girl will catch your eye.
You’ll lose interest in me,
and I’ll not know why.

Maybe I’ll realise,
I need to explore.
About those feelings;
I may need to know more.

Maybe it’ll just be one kiss.
A special moment and something to miss.

who knows?
I surely don’t.
It could be forever, but maybe it won’t.

But it should be once,
at the very least.
Upon your eyes,
mine should feast.

We’ll try it; we’ll see,
learn how it feels as you and me.

But most of all, this must remain fun.
So remember that when I grab your bum!

Isn’t Al just gorgeous? I have much respect for him, his intelligence and his beauty and I cant wait to meet him. We are planning ‘the date’ soon! I need to stop I am swooning! Erm.. hold on… what is a ‘swoon’?

One Response to “Back to hollywood”

  1. beautywalks Says:

    You know how happy I am that the two of you decided to meet in the first place, and now I am even happier to know that you two will go through with it all. It makes me glad. šŸ™‚

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