On your knees boy… yes, sir

February 2, 2007

There is something about a master / slave scenario that completely, utterly and foolishly turns me on. In fact, it not only turns me on it literally makes me go wet at the thought.

In this fantasy this is what happens…

I walk into a room, the door is shut beind me. As soon as I walk in and at the sound of the door shut my life is not my own the purpose of my existance is purely to please my master and this is my single aim.

I stand there as my master gropes my penis. I am still fully clothed. He is fondling me. The world is shut out and I am here, completely for his pleasure, completely for his use. After some time of groping my master pulls out his cock. His cock is beautiful to me, his rod is strong, it is mighty and it is a tool which I can use to make my master feel like he is the most important person in my world, in THE world.

My master merely has to pull out his cock and I know what my role is. I drop to my knees and eagerly take his cock in my mouth, all of it. I so desire to have the taste of his cum in my mouth. My master’s cum is like honey, it is precious, it is sweet, it is something I want to taste again and again if only I was fortunate enough to recieve this. I start to take his cock in and out of my mouth, in and out and I hear him moan. The sound of my master moaning makes me go weak at my knees. The very fact that my master moans because of something that I have done to him, for him, is a humbling experience. My master grabs my head and pushes himself deep into me, I feel him going further and further. I feel like I don’t deserve his honour, why should he chose me, why would he allow ME to please HIM. It doesnt seem right. I taste his cock, I feel it going back and forth and I feel as if I am in another world, a moment of ecstacy that no drug could induce. As I remain in this heaven I dream, I dream of everything that I would love from my master and I give him a glance that signals my desire to speak to him; “What boy?”

“Sir, I know that I dont deserve even to ask this but Sir is there any chance that I could have your piss? I want to feel your warmth, I want to taste that which is so intimate to you. I want to bathe in something of you that is so beautiful. Please sir?”

“How badly do you want it boy?”

“Oh Sir.” I am not sure that my master would ever understand how humbled I feel when I taste his urine. To some this may seem dirty to me it is as though some inner part of him that no-one else has, he has given to me. “Sir, please sir, I would do anything. I know that I sound pathetic Sir but your urine is heavenly to me. I would be so grateful master.”

With that he lets me head go and I am face to face with his cock. A warm golden stream comes out of his cock, it hits my face and I feel as if I could cum there and then. I open my mouth and his golden juice rushes inside of me, my body craves it like it would crave alcohol. I feel so honoured. So humbled. So unworthy.

After the piss stops I get to work on his cock. My master has given me his urine, I didnt deserve that and now I focus on pleasing him. I manipulate his cock, his glands and he moans with other pleasure. I suck his cock, I lick his balls, I lick the head of his cock and take him in deep, to the shaft. I want to please this man. I feel his body start to pulsate as if the damn was about to burst and I work harder, his cock is more sensitive and he lets out moans of pleasure. I am pleasing my master, I could cum myself. All of a sudden his body twists and turns in pleasure and his hot, sticky, creamy cum hits the back of my throat. I want it. I want it all and wait for it all to come out, not missing a drop. I then lick his cock ensuring that I have every last bit, that I taste him.

My Master sits down looking content. I am feeling content. I know that my place is never to reach orgasm, my place is never to cum. I don’t deserve that. My role is to please my master in whatever way he desired and, with that knowledge I am so happy.

I love this fantasy, but is it just a fantasy?

5 Responses to “On your knees boy… yes, sir”

  1. MK Says:

    if you havent participated in a dom/sub scenario you are seriously missing out. there is nothing like it.

  2. Al Says:

    You made me drop my pen!

  3. beautywalks Says:

    Hmmmmmm…I’m just thinking…Who was truly the master? 😉

  4. sirrion Says:

    omg that is so dang hot. I really turned me and I loved every word of it.

  5. Mr. X Says:

    very cliched and you shouldn’t do Master/slave fantasies until you actually know what you’re doing and have progressed up to that since a real Master would NOT be that gentle.

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