The things I could do with a black man!

February 18, 2007

Take a look at this link now:


I am not being racist in any way whatsoever but, black men turn me on so so much both physically and mentally. God I look at the picture above and go weak at the knees, it is nothing to do with how damn fit his body is or the rumour that black men are hung like a horse and I wouldnt mind riding a big fat cock but, black man are amazing.

I dont know why this is the case, something about black men is just amazing. This will probably be so sterotypical but I love a black man’s mind. I love the intellect of a black man, I love black man who are passionate about their history, who have something to say, and I love the thought of being wrapped in the arms of a black guy. To be a black man’s man. Wow!

I want to write heaps in this blog about black man, I cant, words fail me. All I can say is that I would love to date a black guy and see what happens.

Damn, I need to go and wank!

**EDIT: I have just looked at the picture again and I have just re-read this post and it doesnt do any justice to the way that I feel. Seriously. I dont know what it is, I dont know why it is that I cannot convey how I feel but the thought of being wrapped up in bed with a black guy just totally drives me crazy. The thought of kissing sexy black lips, holding a sexy black body! Any black guys reading this? Give me a shout.. I will be on the next plane, train or automobile ;-)**

**Edit again: Just looked at his picture again. God I would be at him like I would be a child with a wrapped Christmas present. All over him.**

23 Responses to “The things I could do with a black man!”

  1. anonymous Says:

    I feel the same way mostly anybody of color and not white even if they are light skin it is still sexy as long as they arent pure white. Black men are sexy but I dont like the gangter ones its a turn off I like the normal ones who have jobs and such lol ur not alone.

  2. Black desire Says:

    Thankgod I thought I was the only one! Im a white ‘straight’ guy whose only ever been with women but for years Ive been very interested in black men almost at times obssessed with them, I would absolutely love to have sex with a black guy and to have sex with two or three black men at once would be heaven to me. I find them so masculine and sexy they make me feel feminine and passive almost sub-servient which really turns me on. I have no interest in white guys whatsoever just big black men. I think about them everyday I wish I could just live and breath black men I love them so much, I think they’re the sexiest things in the world black men are the best!! BD

  3. FOODO Says:


  4. FOODO Says:


  5. LJ Says:

    Thanks for such a great blog. I thought that I was the only one to feel this way about black guys. I read your blog and it could have been written by me word for word – amazing, spooky even. For the record i am a 36 yo White irish guy who still awaits his nubian prince. Peace Lj x

  6. John Says:

    I never looked at black me, until I seen this hunky black man at the park with his shirt off and Ever since that all I want. I think a black is the best. THAT HARD BODY. Mmmmmmmmmm…..

  7. Rope Says:

    I agree completely (and I feel silly saying this, since I AM a white guy), but I have no interest in white guys either; I’m oddly attracted to black men as well. They have a certain beauty about them. ^__^
    Maybe, secretly, every gay white guy wants a black guy? XD


  8. Garrett Says:

    i like gangster black men because sometimes when we have sex he holds a .45 up to my head and tells me to give me the rent. its such a turn on. yeahboyy.

  9. john Says:

    OMG!!!!blck men black men black men….they can all come over to my house…..i was dating this one black man one time he took me fishin so i broke up wit his ass and now im dating tyrone…..for now guys:P

  10. ray Says:

    What a great blog this is but there should more blogs or websites like this because there are many many white/non black guys who are very attracted to black men not all of them gay, myself included. I’m a white guy, 40, and I love black men and even though I have a girlfriend this doesn’t stop me wanting black guys, in fact my girlfriend knows how I feel and would like me to meet one she knows how eager I am to take my knickers off for the right guy and he would have to be black I couldn’t take my knickers off for a white guy but it’d be different with black men I love black men so much all I feel I want to do is take my knickers off for them!!

  11. ass Says:

    o fuck ilove men! im gay

  12. Clifford Says:

    A wolf won’t eat wolf,

  13. WILL Says:

    o black men
    they r such hunks
    i went 2 a beach in spain an all of em wiv shirts off

  14. black men are NOT sexy. by far MOST of them are the most disrespectful men on the planet towards women. sure a lot of men treat women with disrespect. BUT BY FAR BLACK MEN ARE THE WORST!! Period! ! ! ! !

  15. T. Scott Bergman Says:

    Boy, it’s like you’re reading my mind. I have never been attracted to men, nor have I ever messed around with another guy, but I really think I could have a same-sex encounter with a masculine black guy. Doesn’t matter if it’s with a clean cut professional or a thug with an afro, the thought of sucking a black cock drives me wild. It has even extended into the kind of porn I watch – not much into porn but black on white, particularly submissive white guys servicing rough, dominant black men is such a turn-on. And I, too have fantasies of being fucked and shared by groups of black men.

  16. Greg Says:

    I’m a white guy who’s recently ‘come out’ after years of secretly wanting black men even when I’ve been reasonably happy in relationships with women. I realised I’m gay and it was no use ignoring the feelings anymore I wasn’t being true to myself. I don’t have any desire for white guys and sometimes I feel that’s a shame but I can’t help the way I am. It’s not just about sex though, I would like to meet one special guy and fall in love but I also have fantasies about having sex with groups of black men. My own personal fantasy and I think I’d like to do it even as a once in a life time occasion is to service quite a large group of black men maybe between seven and ten men but not a rough gang-bang just nice and slowly through the evening and night sucking their cocks in turn enjoying their different tastes and of course to be fucked by hopefully all of them especially on all fours and sucking a cock at the same time and also I’d like to be covered in their cum especially all over my face like in bukkake. Anyway I doubt if any of that will ever happen but I hope it shows how much I love black men.

  17. glen Walker Says:

    i too have only dated women, & have NO desire for white cock, BUT…i would be the biggest slut for Black Cock Anytime!! i have managed to suck several & was fucked by one! It wouldn’t take much 4 me to go all gay for Black Cocks!

  18. steve Says:

    I had an expierience with a black man, I was at a 3 day meeting out of state, and this black man was their also, he noticed I was looking at the front of his pants, you could tell he had to be hung. He asked me to stop at his room before we were all going out to eat for the evening. I did. When I got there, he had on only a bathrobe. I entered, and I heard him lock the door behind us. I turned around, and he put his hands on my shoulders, and said I know what you want, and started pushing me down to my knees. Once down there, he opened up his robe, and this huge black cock was staring me right in the face. I couldn’t move, He said open up, you know you want a taste. I couldn’t help myself, the thought of it in my mouth took over, and I opened up, and he pushed that large member in, and proceeded to fuck my mouth & lips until he came, holding my head and making me swallow all of him. after that he made me strip, and get on the bed. He had me suck him hard again, and then turned me over, straddled me, and proceeded to fuck me. He kept me in his bed the rest of the night, and had his way with me, we never met up with the rest of the guys. The next day, I moved from my motel room into his, and for the next 2 days and nights, I was his private cocksucker and whore. I never sucked so much black cock in my life. Now all I want to do is find a well hung, dominant black man in my town, and become his cocksucker and whore, once or twice a week. Lincoln Ne. I need help finding one, can anyone help.

  19. Mart W Says:

    I love this blog, I too like women , have no interest in white guys, but my heart stops and I’m weak kneed when I see particularly very dark skinned black men with a slick bald head or my latest weakness for long dreadlocks (only jet black skin though). It’s the skin contrast for me. If I feel like this ,can you imagine what it’s like for a white women with oestrogen pumping round her body. I have this fantasy of not only me going with a black guy but morphing into a pale skinned pretty blond women (wearing boots and tights even better) holding hands with a real dark black man whilst shopping , then we’d get back and I’d be fully serviced in bed, what a lifestyle, I’d love to live it for a while

  20. Iservblks Says:

    I am a white man who adores Black Men and is willing to serve them as their personal slave. I would do what ever they request. I would be their personal toilet and drink and eat from them. He would own me.

  21. Susan Says:

    We are truly complex beings aren’t we with different fantasies and identities. I am a white woman who loves black men. I have no desire whatsoever for white men. Black men are beautiful physically and I think they are generally more spiritual, which is the main turn on. They have the X factor.
    I also however have a fantasy that I am a man fucking an oriental woman, kind of like the guy who described morphing into a while woman above.
    All these fantasies mean something and I guess express different parts of our personality and our life experiences. It would be good to meet someone to share such intimate thoughts with.
    I told a guy that I have a fantasy about being a man fucking a woman in general and he was ok with this. In fact he seemed to be getting turned on by being in the role of the woman. I know some women go so far as to get strap-ons but I can’t see myself doing that.
    However, a part of me would love to have a man suck my strap on cock or even a woman for that matter.
    I feel weird saying this but it’s true.

  22. Iservblks Says:

    I am looking forward to sucking my first cock. It has to be Black. I am ready to be enslaved by a Black Man.

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