Ghana’s secret gay community

March 14, 2007

Take a look at this link:

To be honest I am greatly saddened. Our history lessons at school tell us of the struggle of women to gain their equal place in society, their vote, their meaning, their worth. Hollywood films give an all too realistic account of the apartheid, the white domination of the black man, human beings treated as property, as slaves purely because of the colour of their skin.

However, today we hit the 21st Century, year 2007 and all around the World homosexual individuals live in fear, they live as a secret undergound society who remain in fear of being beaten, neglected and unloved because of the lifestyle that they are born with. At the same time the outside world, the ‘straight’ ones look on and view in disgust at the lifestyle that theys ‘gays’ have ‘chosen’.

This divide is huge, this naivety is incredible and in within this silence there are screams of pain.

When will this stupidity end? When will these individuals, just like myself, be allowed to live without fear, judgement and prejudice?

When will our history lessons recount the freedom and liberation of homosexuals that has taken place, allowing young people to discover who and what they are without fear?

And, more importantly, what role will I play in the pursuit of this freedom?

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