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The End.

April 18, 2007

Like many others I have chosen to end my blog. I have really enjoyed writing it and lets just say that as I have been writing it it has provided much mental stimulation that has aided my physical stimulation. This blog has not only helped me to explore my sexuality, but also become happy with it and I am. It has served it’s purpose.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed. I wish you all well.


April 5, 2007

I was walking through town today, it’s Easter holidays, chavs were out. Have you seen chavs? Skinheads. Hands down their tracksuit bottoms, spitting on the floor, they have attitudes along the lines of the fact that they couldnt give a shit about anyone. Probably got ASBO’s. Annoying to everyone. Fuckin’ hot to me.

There was this group of Chav’s all about 18/19 years old, skinheads, fuckin attitude, had a few cans on them drinking, causing trouble. I instantly stood hard. In the heat of the day I was imagining these chavs coming up to me, making me their submissive slave, making me their dirty little hole to be used for their pleasure. My mind was racing. I was imagining these chavs pissing all over me, marking their territory. These lads, as far as they were concerned were not gay.. they just hated the fact that I was staring at them and thought that I deserved to be taught a lesson…

Here I am walking through an alleyway to get home. Jumped by chavs. A punch in my stomach winds me and knocks me down. These lads are hot but I am in pain. These lads gob on me.. my face was covered in their spit, it was a turn on. I wanted more from them. I look towards the leader and he shouted, ‘he loves it, this fuckin’ little poof loves it’. ‘Will you love my nine inch cock up your ass?’ I probably wouldnt because it would be painful. His mates looked at him disapprovingly, ‘what you talking about?’ Chav the leader responded, ‘this lad needs to be taught a lesson and I havent had it in a while’. He takes out his cock as he tells me to strip. I didnt. I got a punch in the face for that and a bleeding nose. It was damn painful. I wasnt falling for that again. I was shaking. I was in fear. They were hot but I wanted home. Two lads ripped my t-shirt from me as the lad in charge pissed over my chest. It smelt bad. Strangely it turned me on. He moved closer and told me to open my mouth as he placed his foot on my balls and pushed hard. The pain was too much, my jaw dropped. He pissed in my mouth. He then shoved his nine inch cock in my mouth. It was covered in cheese.. dirty little chav, no matter how dirty I thought he was, he was in control. He told me to lick off his cheese. It was tasty to me and he realised I was getting hard. “This poof is getting turned on, lets show him lads’. He quickly took his cock out of my mouth and grabbed me and turned me over. Three lads grabbed my shorts and pulled them down. The main guy forced his cock in my ass, no lube. Pain. He pushed in and I screamed. Fuck I wanted him but it was painful. He push his cock deep into me, raw, i feel sheer pain. As he pushed close I could smell the sweat on his body. It was a turn on. He started fucking me hard, raping me. I wanted him. I wanted his cum up my ass.. I wanted all of their cum up my ass.. I wanted to be their whore….

The light dazzled and I snapped out of my trance like state. I was on a bench. My shorts were wet with pre-cum, my dick was hard.. shit I had to get home and wank and that I did!