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On your knees boy… yes, sir

February 2, 2007

There is something about a master / slave scenario that completely, utterly and foolishly turns me on. In fact, it not only turns me on it literally makes me go wet at the thought.

In this fantasy this is what happens…

I walk into a room, the door is shut beind me. As soon as I walk in and at the sound of the door shut my life is not my own the purpose of my existance is purely to please my master and this is my single aim.

I stand there as my master gropes my penis. I am still fully clothed. He is fondling me. The world is shut out and I am here, completely for his pleasure, completely for his use. After some time of groping my master pulls out his cock. His cock is beautiful to me, his rod is strong, it is mighty and it is a tool which I can use to make my master feel like he is the most important person in my world, in THE world.

My master merely has to pull out his cock and I know what my role is. I drop to my knees and eagerly take his cock in my mouth, all of it. I so desire to have the taste of his cum in my mouth. My master’s cum is like honey, it is precious, it is sweet, it is something I want to taste again and again if only I was fortunate enough to recieve this. I start to take his cock in and out of my mouth, in and out and I hear him moan. The sound of my master moaning makes me go weak at my knees. The very fact that my master moans because of something that I have done to him, for him, is a humbling experience. My master grabs my head and pushes himself deep into me, I feel him going further and further. I feel like I don’t deserve his honour, why should he chose me, why would he allow ME to please HIM. It doesnt seem right. I taste his cock, I feel it going back and forth and I feel as if I am in another world, a moment of ecstacy that no drug could induce. As I remain in this heaven I dream, I dream of everything that I would love from my master and I give him a glance that signals my desire to speak to him; “What boy?”

“Sir, I know that I dont deserve even to ask this but Sir is there any chance that I could have your piss? I want to feel your warmth, I want to taste that which is so intimate to you. I want to bathe in something of you that is so beautiful. Please sir?”

“How badly do you want it boy?”

“Oh Sir.” I am not sure that my master would ever understand how humbled I feel when I taste his urine. To some this may seem dirty to me it is as though some inner part of him that no-one else has, he has given to me. “Sir, please sir, I would do anything. I know that I sound pathetic Sir but your urine is heavenly to me. I would be so grateful master.”

With that he lets me head go and I am face to face with his cock. A warm golden stream comes out of his cock, it hits my face and I feel as if I could cum there and then. I open my mouth and his golden juice rushes inside of me, my body craves it like it would crave alcohol. I feel so honoured. So humbled. So unworthy.

After the piss stops I get to work on his cock. My master has given me his urine, I didnt deserve that and now I focus on pleasing him. I manipulate his cock, his glands and he moans with other pleasure. I suck his cock, I lick his balls, I lick the head of his cock and take him in deep, to the shaft. I want to please this man. I feel his body start to pulsate as if the damn was about to burst and I work harder, his cock is more sensitive and he lets out moans of pleasure. I am pleasing my master, I could cum myself. All of a sudden his body twists and turns in pleasure and his hot, sticky, creamy cum hits the back of my throat. I want it. I want it all and wait for it all to come out, not missing a drop. I then lick his cock ensuring that I have every last bit, that I taste him.

My Master sits down looking content. I am feeling content. I know that my place is never to reach orgasm, my place is never to cum. I don’t deserve that. My role is to please my master in whatever way he desired and, with that knowledge I am so happy.

I love this fantasy, but is it just a fantasy?

Back to hollywood

January 18, 2007

Some of you more regular readers to this blog may remember my ‘challenge’ to another british bi-blogger back before Christmas, you can read all about this challenge: A challenge & end of chapter. Al replied and said that he would be happy to go on a date with me. We had to prospone this date until after Christmas, we have been talking, e-mailing, texting and mostly flirting since then and this week I recieved the following poem in my inbox from Al.

I think,
I ponder.

I wonder.

Will I throw it away?
Will I screw it all up?
Will I lead it all to squander?

I won’t
I cannot.
Hell, with this life and the chances I’ve got?

For sure.
But strength, I have more.
The barriers must fall and courage must pour.

heed clear:
me and you:
we’ll make this happen and meet as two.

And I may screw up,
I may cause you pain,
I may be annoying,
I may be a strain.

I care,
so I’ll learn.
Try to be the man that you yearn.

And if I fail,
or it was never meant to be,
at least this way; at least we can see.

If it doesn’t go right,
or if something goes wrong,
I can fight back tears;
I can stay strong.

Whatever happens,
I’ll never regret
boarding that train.
Knowing we’d met.

You know,
I’m not without doubt.
But perhaps that’s what this is all about.

Maybe we’ll meet once,
then a girl will catch your eye.
You’ll lose interest in me,
and I’ll not know why.

Maybe I’ll realise,
I need to explore.
About those feelings;
I may need to know more.

Maybe it’ll just be one kiss.
A special moment and something to miss.

who knows?
I surely don’t.
It could be forever, but maybe it won’t.

But it should be once,
at the very least.
Upon your eyes,
mine should feast.

We’ll try it; we’ll see,
learn how it feels as you and me.

But most of all, this must remain fun.
So remember that when I grab your bum!

Isn’t Al just gorgeous? I have much respect for him, his intelligence and his beauty and I cant wait to meet him. We are planning ‘the date’ soon! I need to stop I am swooning! Erm.. hold on… what is a ‘swoon’?

My night would have gone like this…

November 30, 2006

It’s nearly midnight. I am lying in bed. I am lonely. I came to bed to do the usual ‘porn thing’. There was one problem, I couldn’t be bothered. You see there is no substitute to the real thing and in all honesty I am feeling so lonely right now.  Having a wank by yourself is blatantly no substitue for real intimacy. I crave intimacy right now and I don’t mean of a sexual nature. I crave a man. Today I crave a man. I want a man. I need a man. God, I am fuckin’ desperate for a man.

Okay, here is my ideal scenario. I want to be with a beautiful man. This man cannot be camp, he just has to be normal, probably plays sport, probably good looking, probably a picture of strength.  My evening would have gone like this.. I would have come home from work with my man arriving at the same time. We would have ordered a Chinese take away and got in a bottle of wine (or two). We would have taken the ‘phone off the hook. We would have dimmed the lights. We would have eaten together and drunk wine as we opened up our minds to one another. We would have talked about our day. We would have talked about important things like the state of the economy, how we could run the Country better. We would have talked about non-important things – I would have told him about Alex Tew of the Milliondollarhomepage launching a second project. I would have talked about all my ideas. He would have laughed. We would have moved into the lounge and put on a dvd, and opened a second bottle of wine. We would have lay together on the couch. Our bodies locked together, my hands on his stomach as we watched the girly romantic film that we would have seen a billion times before and still found it funny. As we watched the film we would have kissed a few times. We would have given each other gentle, loving touches. We would have gazed into each others eyes, lovingly. Eventually I would fall asleep. The film would end and my man would take me up to bed. We would have both climbed into bed and I would have fallen asleep on his chest with my hand placed on his stomach. We would have been united. We would have been one. I would have been safe. I would have been secure. I would be praying in my sleep for this night never to end. I would be happy knowing that in 24 hours it would happen all over again.

But, that wasnt my night at all. I was surrounded by family. I ate with my family. I was on my laptop all night whilst watching T.V. The same thing that I do every night. I come to bed, lonely, on my own. I can’t do this anymore. I dont know where to find this man. My standards are so high that my ideal man probably does not exist (unless David Beckham is free, bi and totally in love with me). So, what will happen tonight is the same thing that I do every night, a lonely wank. A lonely fantasy…

Our kiss.

November 13, 2006

Today my mind was given over to the male. I had a dream. A beautiful, comforting dream that I didn’t want to end. A dream that kept me safe. A dream that took place last night.

In the middle of the night I dreamed about a man, in his twenties, a man with jet black her. In my dream we were laying in bed next to each other, both topless. In the middle of the night he turned to me and gently woke me up. Upon waking he started to gently kiss me. His lips gently caressed mine. So gentle. This was the beginning of my desire for the sun to retire. For the sun to realise that he is too old and his work is done. For the sun to take a day off. Night would never end. The velvet of his lips met with mine. Gently he took control and placed his tongue into my mouth, his hand gently holding my face. Intimacy was fuelled. Our tongues danced in the dark. It was gentle. It was passionate. It was all that I needed. It was more than I had needed. It felt like our kiss would never end. I didnt want it too. Our lives and our bodies collided, they were willing for us to be one. Not a sexual oneness but a oneness that goes beyond the physical and moved into the mental. Slowly the tiredness took over and he motioned for me to rest my head on his chest. I did.  My hand rested on his stomach. His skin was perfect. It was hairless. His body was defined. My body was resting in the arms of a warrior. My warrior. I slept. I was content. I was happy.

The night ended. It was just a dream.

Today was a male day.