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My coming out e-mail update…

January 29, 2007

So, a few days ago I e-mailed a friend in order to tell him about being bisexual. It has taken me a while to give an update as, to be honest, I needed space.

The response from my friend was brilliant, he sent me a text message to say that I should not worry about it, that people should not judge me and that this is 2007 and not the 1800’s. This was fantastic, I was so happy, pleased, relaxed etc and he told me that he would never judge me. It was so good to get this text message. However, then the aftermath took place.

Ok, it wasnt really an aftermath but, for me, it was sad. After regularly texting each other, meeting up and long conversations at the gym all of this stopped. Going out for drinks stopped. He avoids me at the gym. He even invited others out in front of me but doesnt invite me out. If I am honest it is painful as fuck!

I think this lad is great, his response over text was fantastic but his reality didnt match up. This lad is a ‘lad’, he hangs out with ‘lads’ and he said he wouldnt judge but in some ways I feel that he has and it feels like a dynamic that was in our friendship has gone. A friendship which I miss, dreadfully.

Part of me is hoping that he has simply been rocked a bit and then, in time he will settle and everything will fall back into place. For a while I started to text him a bit, I wanted his friendship back and would just text random things but when he didnt text back it was painful. I have decided to just chill out, to stop texting him, to not chase his friendship but to just allow whatever happens to happen.

I miss this friendship and I have learnt a few lessons as to how to handle my ‘coming out’ in the future. I am still gutted over this, he is a great guy.

An update: coming out

December 1, 2006

I haven’t written much about ‘coming out’ this is something that I want to do, just to make my life easier, despite the fact that I dont know what I am ‘coming out’ as.

Do you remember ‘M’ from my post entitled ‘Forbidden Feelings’ – he is the hot guy that some people think are geeky but I just want to go down on. I basically told ‘M’ that I was bisexual. He was cool with it, he said that it didn’t bother him and we have even sent a few flirty text to each other! Well, my text to him may be simply annoying but he hasn’t got the heart to say. His texts to me may simply be him messing around, but still, I would like to view them as flirty text, for now.

So, ‘M’ knows. One of my brothers already knew and I even e-mailed my sister this week to tell her and she e-mailed back to say ‘I dont care what your sexuality is, your still my brother and I will support you 100%’.

This ‘coming out’ thing is quite fun. If am honest, as I have told people, a small amount of people, I feel empowered. I feel like I dont have to hide who are what I am. I am actually comfortable being bi. I am more comfortable than I ever have been.

I will keep you posted!